problem trying to Install *.exe with Matlab 'system' command

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Dear Experts,
I am trying to install and exe file using the system command. The function fails, resulting in a -1 status and no cmd output message.
The command is:
[status,cmdm] = system('D:\dbLNI_Finder.exe')
The file exists:
If I try to perform the same command for the same file but in a specific location (a pen drive) it works:
system('H:\for win\dbLNI_Finder.exe')
I tried to copy and replace the file several times, but no.
Any idea? Thanks!
Brunno Machado de Campos
Brunno Machado de Campos on 7 Feb 2018
@Jan: the command
work only if I open Matlab as admin.
Yes, 'run'. Install the software by running the executable.

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Accepted Answer

Brunno Machado de Campos
Brunno Machado de Campos on 7 Feb 2018
Edited: Brunno Machado de Campos on 7 Feb 2018
Although I am the PC admin, the command worked only when I open the Matlab in Admin mode (right-click >> open as adm). Since this code is for a deployed application, my deployed application is also able to install the *.exe only if opened as admin.
Now, why I the 'system' function worked installing the *.exe from the PenDrive (an only from the pen drive) without mode restrictions for me, is a mystery (in terms of security, somewhat contradictory).
At the end, I understood that the system() function and the CMD have distinct permission executing the same command. Good to know.

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Jan on 7 Feb 2018
Check the settings of your virus protection. Does it allow to start executables from the concerned folder?
Brunno Machado de Campos
Brunno Machado de Campos on 7 Feb 2018
This is the tricky part: NO, the Command Shell was opened without admin privileges and was able to install. The Matlab without admin privileges, not.
Just to be crystal clear, the Windows user I am using is the admin, maybe this is enough to Windows Command Shell, but was not to Matlab (since I still needed to right-click on Matlab icon and "runs as administrator")
Ok? Thanks!

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