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My plot is not showing the points

Asked by Leticia Campello on 8 Feb 2018
Latest activity Edited by Walter Roberson
on 8 Feb 2018

I'm trying to write a code and it looks like this:

load ('CT_calibration_numbers.mat')
[a b] = size(CT_calibration.artery);
for i=[1:a]
      x = [950 1000 1050 1059]';
      y = [CT_calibration.adipose(i,1) CT_calibration.bladder(i,1) CT_calibration.gluteus(i,1)...
      [curve] = fit(x,y,'poly1');
      hold all
      y2=curve.p1*x + curve.p2;
      xlabel('Density [g/cm^3]');
      ylabel('CT Number [HU]');
      axis([900 1080 900 1150]);
      str = ['y = ',num2str(curve.p1),'*HU + ',num2str(curve.p2)];
      text(1000, 960, str) % tells matlab where to put the equation

the problem is that when I run the code, the graph is plotted with the linear regression but the points are not shown in the graph.

I would much appreciate if anyone has any tips of how to get this sorted.

Kind Regards,

Leticia Campello


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1 Answer

Answer by John D'Errico
on 8 Feb 2018
 Accepted Answer

Are you saying the original points are not shown on the plot? Of course they are not, since you never plotted them!

You could add a line in there:


which would plot the original points.


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