Does RAM memory afect the maximum number of simulation with parsim?

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I'm performing a large number of parallelized simulations using the parsim command.
Since I have 16Gb of RAM memory installed on my computer, could I launch, for example, 5000 simulations within the same parsim session? Considering that each simulation is about of 1 minute (simulated time) with a fixed-step of 1e-6[s], and that I need to save with the log 13 signals (undersampled with a fixed-step of 1e-4 [s]). The total amount of memory needed to store all the data will be for sure greater than the amount available on the RAM.
This is to know: how parsim manage the memory consumption? Does it take all the simulations' results in the RAM until the end of all simulations? Or it saves them in the HD?
Another question that came to me is: if each of these simulation was very long (let's say 1 hour of simulated time), could I launch it or MATLAB would crash due to the exceed of the RAM memory limit (even for one simulation)? There exist a way to simulate a long simulation overcoming the ram limit?
Thank a lot in avance.

Answers (1)

Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar on 29 Aug 2018
parsim uses the settings in the model specified for logging. Unless LoggingToFile is enabled the logged data will be stored in the memory. If the logged data is not going to fit into memory, please use LoggingToFile. parsim should automatically append a run id to the specified file name so that one simulation does not overwrite the file from a previous simulation.


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