Signal Logging in a Protected Reference Model

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I have created a Simulink model that references a protected model. I have protected the reference model for the purpose of hiding intellectual property from a client. In my reference model there are >300 signals that are being logged to a Simulink Simulation Dataset object. Though, once I protect the reference model the logged signals no longer appear in the Matlab workspace after simulation. Is signal logging not supported in protected reference models? If I don't protect the reference model the signal logging works correctly. If signal logging is not supported with protected reference models then what are my options for retrieving signal data from the model?
Thanks, Vince

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David Balbuena
David Balbuena on 5 Nov 2020
Hi Vincenzo,
You are correct that you cannot log signals inside a Protected Model. As a workaround, you have 3 options:
1) Bring the signal to the top level using an output port on the model reference.
2) Use a "To File" block inside the protected model to log the signals
3) Use a "To Workspace" block inside the protected model to log the signals
Hope that helps,



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