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help on a histogram plot!

Asked by Ano
on 16 Mar 2018
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on 16 Mar 2018
Accepted Answer by KL
Hello! I have a matrix (5x5) which I would like to plot (in 3D) using the hist3, I would like the plot to be a (5x5) grid where the height of each pin reflects the entry value of the matrix at that position , how can I do it ? Thank you !


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well , if you could tell me how can I do it using the frequency distribution I will be very grateful! thank you!
The answer you just accepted below was the first option I gave - plotting the original data - it does not do anything with the histogram, which is a frequency distribution (counts) of the data values. So now we don't know if you accepted in advance, or you just didn't state what you want.
the answer I accepted answers literally the question. but I want to learn how to do it when the frequency is the third dimension. thank you!

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1 Answer

Answer by KL
on 16 Mar 2018
 Accepted Answer

use bar3,


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