How can i open dataset in matlab which is .pkl format?

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I get a dataset in pickle format From a Author,but i want to do my project in matlab. so which command in matlab which help to open and use that datast.
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kc on 31 Dec 2019
Is there any way, i am also gt stuck here.
plz help

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Answers (2)

Tim R
Tim R on 20 Jan 2020
Here's a quick solution based on the links assuming you've set-up Matlab to point to the right Python ver and libraries:,'rb');
The contents of data will need to be converted from their respective python classes to those used by Matlab. For example, if data is a list then convert to a cell:
Similarly, dictionaries can be converted to strucures
And numpy arrays to doubles
Dev Sarma
Dev Sarma on 12 Mar 2022
You have to make sure the numpy package is installed. You can install numpy from your command line 'python -m pip install numpy'. (or py instead of python). More information here:

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Jan on 16 Mar 2018
Did you take the time to search in the net before asking?
Does this help already? I do not find a Matlab code to interpret these Python pickle files.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Dec 2019
The second link shows a few lines of Python needed to read the files and convert them to something usable by MATLAB.
The pickle format is python internal format that is not intended to be human readable, and is documented as not being compatible with other standards:
The data format used by pickle is Python-specific. This has the advantage that there are no restrictions imposed by external standards such as JSON or XDR (which can’t represent pointer sharing); however it means that non-Python programs may not be able to reconstruct pickled Python objects.
Thus you have python-specific datasets, and you would have a hard time reconstructing the data without using python.
See for information on calling python from MATLAB.

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