Cannot connect to ROS master running on virtual machine

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Matlab cannot connect to ROS master on virtual machine. here are the complete setup :
I am using Matlab 2017B on my host machine, also have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and ROS kinetic running on Virtual machine (Virtualbox).
the Ifconfig result is :
ethernet address: (on Ubuntu)
on host machine :
on Ubuntu
i had tried many ways to connect to ROS master on Matlab :
rosinit ('', 'NodeHost', '')
and same error message:
Cannot connect to ROS master at Check the specified address or hostname.
also , i tried to ping the virtual machine but no reply :
request time out
one last thing , I have attached an image showing the 'Network' setting for my virtual machine . has anyone faced the same problem before?
thanks in advanced
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 20 Apr 2018

@caesar I can not find the image you attached to the question, but it appears that you might be using NAT network to interface guest VM with the host. The host cannot reach guest behind NAT network. You either need to use Bridged Network or Host-only Adapter to communicate between both machines.

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Answers (3)

Stefano Dalla Gasperina
Stefano Dalla Gasperina on 7 Feb 2019
@caesar, I got the same issue and I was able to solve by setting the "Bridged Adapter" mode in the VirtualBox Network Settings. Actually, by using the "Bridge" mode, your VM will get a ip address on the same subnet as your host, while in default "NAT" mode your host will act as a router (firewall) and your VM will be on a private subnet (e.g. ip
After doing this, just type in the terminal of your VM
$ ipconfig
to find the IP address and type in MATLAB:
where "http://ROS_MASTER_URI:11311" is exactly what you got from e
To check then type on your VM:
$ rosnode list
and you should see the global node from MATLAB.
I believe this will also work with Simulink ROS-Node Deployment.
Hope this will help.

Moe Jordan
Moe Jordan on 14 Apr 2018
@caesar did you manage to solve the issue? I have the same problem...
Adil Farooq
Adil Farooq on 11 Jan 2023
did you use 2 systems or ran matlab and gazebo on dual boot?

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Chin Wei Chang
Chin Wei Chang on 10 Oct 2018
1.In the network setting, you have to use Bridge Adapter.
2.Open up a new terminal, and run "roscore".
Then connect to ROS master on Matlab again.
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caesar on 16 Oct 2018
tried every possible option in the network setting but didn't work at all.

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