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two pass split window filter

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ihab on 6 Apr 2018
Answered: M. Khishe on 4 Feb 2021
i have spectrogram time X frequency matrix ,with peaks that i want, and noise that i dont want, so, how to use two pass split window filter on the signal to make it more clean.

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M. Khishe
M. Khishe on 4 Feb 2021
you can use following commands:
%# some random data resembling yours
x = randn(100,1);
x(75) = -14; x(25) = 20;
subplot(211), plot(x)
%# zero out everything but the high peaks
mu = mean(x); sd = std(x); Z = 3;
x( abs(x-mu) < Z*sd ) = 0;
subplot(212), plot(x)

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