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Combine values of a variable to make new variable

Asked by C G
on 7 Apr 2018
Latest activity Answered by Gayatri Menon on 10 Apr 2018
I think this is something that Matlab should be able to do, but for some reason I cannot find anything that will allow me to do this.
What I need is to combine the values in three variables to make a new variable. For example, y=2012, m=10, d=10. I want a new variable dttm=20121010 or ymd, with the format as in YYMMDD, so single digits need to have a leading zero. The variable will be part of a filename for a separate program that requires all digits to be 2 digits, hence the redefining of y to YY.
This is what I have so far and obviously, it isn't working. The loop works fine. Please help. Thank you in advance.
[y, m, d,] = datevec(startdaytime,'yyyymmddHH');
if y>=2000
YY = (y-2000);%('%02.0f');
else y<=1999;
YY = (y-1900);
dttm = (YY+m+d,'%02.0f %02.0f %02.0f')
P.S. Before you ask, yes I know Matlab doesn't like leading zeros. Just go with it.

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If you have noticed, I have asked several questions in the past few weeks. I am in the middle of creating a new Matlab function by translating IDL code into Matlab code. Hence, some of the more random questions.
If anyone is interested in helping me translate many pages of IDL code into Matlab code, please let me know.

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1 Answer

Answer by Gayatri Menon on 10 Apr 2018
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Hope the below code helps.
DateString = '28.03.2005';
formatIn = '';
[y, m, d]=datevec(DateString,formatIn)
if y>=2000
YY = (y-2000);%('%02.0f');
else y<=1999;
YY = (y-1900);
m_new = sprintf('%02d', m);
d_new = sprintf('%02d', d);
YY_new = sprintf('%02d', YY);


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