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composite function

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adam on 28 May 2012
Hello, I have three vectors A, B and C. I plotted A as a function of B (B=0:0.01:1; and I have the values of A correponding). I have a function of B versus of C.
Can I plot A as a function of C? What have I use composite function or interpolation?
Any idea? Thanks in advance, Adam

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Stephen on 29 May 2012
you can plot anything against anything else. If A and C correspond to the same values of B then the above code should work.
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adam on 31 May 2012
Hello stephen,
Thank you for your answer. may be I didn't explain well. I try to give more details here.
I have a values of vector A for different values of vector B (the corresponding value).the values of A is plotted as a function of the values of B.
C is a function of d (C=f(d)). we can plot C as a function of d. it is function like sin or cos.
There is a connection between C and B : the values of B is varying from 0 to max(C).
Now, I would like plot A as a function of d.
Thank you in advance,

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