how i can use nntool with a scipt

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hind lizan
hind lizan on 22 Apr 2018
Answered: Benjamin Großmann on 22 May 2018
hi, i need to write a scipt for the configuration that we do mannualy in nntool and use a loop to try many number of neurones and save the performance and regression in a file . i tried many but i have a lot of errors

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Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 22 May 2018
Use nnstart instead of nntool ("nntool is no longer recommended").
Within nnstart you can choose your tool (nftool, nprtool, nctool, ntstool) depending on your task. With these tools you can can configure your net and data similarily to nntool. The last page of these tools provides (after training) the possibility to generate a Matlab-script (Usually I use the "advanced script"). You can also load example datasets (implemented in the tools) where training time is only a few seconds.
In my opinion, the automatically generated script is a good start point and can easily be adapted e.g. integrated within a loop which varies the number of neurones.

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