Problem with TI TMDSHVMTRINSPIN+F x hardware (C2000 processors)

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Galo Heredia
Galo Heredia on 9 May 2018
Answered: a d on 2 Oct 2021
Hi, we have bought a kit from TI (<> ) and we thought that we could make it run with the same software as this kit as it seems pretty similar (<>) but when we try it, the simulink model builds and runs with no problem but the motor doesn't move at all (and we know it works properly because it works in the InstaSpin app from TI) Is it impossible to run this kit on simulink? If not, could you help us out?
Thanks in advance.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 10 May 2018
Hi Galo,
Your approach should work considering the fact that both Kits are the same with only a subtle difference that the 'TI High Voltage Motor Control and PFC Developer's kit TMDSHVMTRPFCKIT' comes with a F28035 control card with it and the demo model is shipped for the same.
Please help us understand which controller you are trying to work with on this Kit. Accordingly, you may have to make changes to the shipped example model. If the controller is different and if you have taken care to choose the hardware board accordingly, still there could be few settings that will need to be taken care to make the model compatible.
Venkatesh C

Galo Heredia
Galo Heredia on 10 May 2018
Hi Ventakesh, we are trying to run it with the Piccolo F28069 ( ) but in the model that should work, it doesn't either.

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