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while debugging, one core constantly running

got a new laptop, installed 18a. If I'm debugging, one of my cpu cores is constantly railing (i.e. task manager says matlab is using ~25% cpu) and it decreases battery life.
Also, sometimes matlab freezes, when I'm not looking at it, and I have to restart


Do you use Win or Linux version of MATLAB?
same issue Linux R2018a, 100% cpu when debugging

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Answer by Philip Borghesani on 17 May 2018
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It appears you have encountered this issue: Bug report 1736753 I suggest contacting support for possible workarounds and solutions. You may find that closing extra figure or MATLAB desktop windows makes the problem go away the next time you debug. Using breakpoints instead of dbstep may also help.

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closing all figures and using breakpoints does not solve the problem. Will contact support, likely stick to 2017B

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Answer by Viacheslav Klimentyev on 6 Jun 2018
Edited by Viacheslav Klimentyev on 6 Jun 2018

I've the same problem on Linux (MATLAB 2018a). The load of one core is about 80-90% at using breakpoint.


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Answer by Jos Koning on 28 Sep 2018

Same problem on win10+ matlab 2018a. Upgraded yesterday from 2016. Breakpoint at first statement in script. workload to 50%.

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The bug was fixed in 2018b. I tested on my Linux PC.

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