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joskem joskem
joskem joskem on 26 Mar 2011
I need to model a distributed-parameter transmission line in simulink. In other words, I need to design a basic electric circuit (basic cell), and cascade it several times. I can't use Simulink's distributed transmission line block, because the basic cell I need is different. So, I have two questions: 1) How can I cascade my basic cell several times? I don't think it's wise to simply copy-paste the block tens of times.. 2) Is there another way o make a distributed transmission line by myself (instead of simply cascading basic cells)?
Thank you

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Andreas on 15 Aug 2011
I have a similar question, since I want to build a NTU heat exchanger, where I can dynamically change the number of units (each unit is a block). My current solution is copy&paste... should be done via an input mask.
Is there any possibility to manage that?

Andreas on 17 Aug 2011
Could the "for each subsystem"-block be a solution? I've currently never worked with that...
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 23 Aug 2011
Andreas: Yes, the For Each Subsystem could be a solution for you depending on the dynamics of your system. What kind of blocks are you using in your subsystem? Note that the For Each Subsystem currently only supports inherited sample-time.

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Andreas on 22 Aug 2011
No ideas by anyone?


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