How do vectorized ports in hdl coder work?

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Jan Schreibeis
Jan Schreibeis on 24 May 2018
Answered: Wang Chen on 30 Jun 2021
i'm working with a speedgoat real-time target machine with an IO323 FPGA Card and HDL Coder. On this site: i read that i can use vectorized ports to synchronize the PCIe Access of several Registers. I tried to achieve that with a simple example. Inside the FPGA Subsystem i muxed two constants and connected the vector Signal to an Output port.
Then i use the HDL Workflow advisor to map that outport to be a PCI Interface.
In my Realtime Model i tried to display the two values on a target scope.
My problem is that both entries of the vector show the value of the second constant (value = 2).
As the HDL Coder proposes, I selected the Scalarize vector ports option.
Is there any special setting i have to do?
I use Matlab R2016a (Version 9.0) with HDL Coder Version 3.8

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Wang Chen
Wang Chen on 30 Jun 2021
Hi Jay,
The expected behaivor is to get [1 2] value for the vector port.
This should already be fixed in newer version of the HDL Coder.
Could you contact MathWorks customer support if you still see this issue?


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