How do I suggest to matlab that I prefer to edit files in the current directory?

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rgs1203 on 27 May 2018
Commented: rgs1203 on 28 May 2018
When I try to edit a file in the editor from the command window, the preference order is suboptimal.
edit myfilename
provides a bunch of suggestions in the spirit of tab-completion but the order with which they are presented is a little confusing. The suggested files to open in the editor are in alphabetical order rather than preferentially by files in the current directory. I really only want to look at matlab built-in functions on special occasions, and pretty much always want to edit files in my current directory, so is there a way to improve the suggestion order?
rgs1203 on 28 May 2018
Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I'm partial to my keyboard (don't tell my mouse).

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