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Hello everyone, its me again trying to use the scatter plot
It looks like if the number of points exceeds 100, you cannot get access to scatterplot children.
Here is the piece of code:
[EDIT (formatted code) -- the cyclist]
If nP<=100 the code above gives the correct number of children. Otherwise it gives only ONE child, which has no children of its own.
Is this another undocumented feature? Or am I doing something wrong?
Naum Derzhi

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 5 Jun 2012
Yes to your first question. No to your second question. :-)
I think the 'v6' workaround mentioned in the article is already deprecated. However, the workaround mentioned in the comments, by Sebastiaan, should still work (although it is a bit inelegant).
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Naum Derzhi
Naum Derzhi on 6 Jun 2012
Thank you. The workaround proposed by Sebastian is quite good, and it works. As for elegance ... Well, what can you do? Actually, I would not call it inelegant, it's fine IMHO. As long as Mathworks does not decrease the number in the future for another (or the same) misterious reason.
Thanks again.

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