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Simulink.Parameter trouble

Asked by Badr Taleb on 7 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Badr Taleb on 8 Jun 2018
How can i change a simulink parameter's name acording to a specific block, example: i tried to use: get_param(gcb,'name')= struct
but it's not working.


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2 Answers

Answer by Christopher Wallace on 7 Jun 2018

I'm not entirely clear on your question but it looks like you should be using:
set_param(gcb, 'Name', <insert Simulink parameter>)
What parameter are you wanting to use?


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Answer by TAB
on 8 Jun 2018

evalin('base', [get_param(gcb, 'Name') '=Simulink.Parameter']);

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Hi Tabrez! in my model i tried to construct a structer in order to use it as a simulink parameter, this parameter will be used for S-FUNCTION parameter that accept structer parameter (1x1) by using set param command, i tried to use your the instruction that you give me but this error appear. The code:
The error: (LINE 20 is the last line)
Thank you for your help.

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