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can we combine more than one marker for a same point?

Asked by DhanaLakshmiR on 8 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 15 Jun 2018
Is there any possible to use more than one marker to form a flight shaped image like below attached image?

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Certainly not at arbitrary angles, and there is no way to specify a composite marker: you would have to carefully place each of the component markers. You just might be able to get something that looked like the blue marker in your drawing, but the other ones would give you difficulty.

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Answer by Stephen Devlin on 8 Jun 2018

Would it be better to show this in a 3D plot?

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yes, if it is shown in 3D then is much better.

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 8 Jun 2018

Create a graphics object with the appropriate shape and color and one fixed orientation. Now parent it to an hgtransform group. Use maketform to create a transformation matrix of rotations and translations, apply that.
Now, as the marker is to "move", update the transformation matrix and apply it to the hgtransform group; the marker will turn or move as appropriate.
If you use an image() object for this purpose, make sure that you use AlphaData with it so that only the structure of the marker shows and whatever is underneath shows through the rest of the rectangle.


I have already attempted those graphics object transform. It is working well. But I'm eager to know that combining markers is possible or not? But it is not possible, right?
It is not possible to create a new marker and then instruct MATLAB to use it as a marker. You can only create images that you overlay, or you can create patch objects that you place as needed.

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