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How to open .CSV file ?

Asked by Vishu Dhakad on 13 Jun 2018
Latest activity Answered by Walter Roberson
on 15 Jun 2018

I want to open CSV file. (please find the attachment)

in the CSV file, I have date and time in the different column but I want to combine in one column. I have read with following code but I getting an error.

fbc = fopen('ABCD.CSV');

BC = textscan(fbc, '"%.f-%3.s-%.f", "%.f:%.f", %.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f,%.f');



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2 Answers

Answer by KSSV
on 13 Jun 2018

[num,txt,raw] = xlsread('ABCD.csv') ;

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Thank you, sir

but time is showing in decimal, how to correct into normal?

I want to use the function fopen and textscan.

Can you explain to me how to use this type of function?

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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 15 Jun 2018

fmt = ['%{dd-MMM-yy}D%{HH:mm}D', repmat('%f', 1, 50)];
fbc = fopen('ABCD.CSV', 'r', 'n', 'UTF8');
BC = textscan(fbc, fmt, 'Delimiter', ',', 'CollectOutput', 1);
dt = BC{1}+(BC{2}-dateshift(BC{2},'start','day'));
dt.Format = 'default';
numbers = BC{3};


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