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VariSpec software in conjunction with MATLAB

Asked by Nicola Fairbairn on 14 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Refah Mahmoud on 22 Jul 2018
I'm currently trying to use a laser alongside a VariSpec Liquid Crystal Tunable Filter (LCTF) for fluorescent imaging microscopy. Long story short, the software that goes with the microscope is Micro-Manager and the software for the LCTF is VSGUI (or VariSpecGUI).
I want to write code that will effectively carry out a sequence of events on the VSGUI and MM software for me using MATLAB, automatically. From what I've read, this is fairly straightforward to do for the Micro-Manager software as there's some pre-written .m files / script that can be used for the operation of MM and if push comes to shove there is also the Microscopy Toolbox. However, with the VariSpec VSGUI software, I'm struggling to find any files relating to it. I know they exist because the manual for the LCTF states "CRi provides a set of MATLAB files to control VariSpec filters. There is a core support .DLL file and a series of .m files"
So great, the files exist and I don't need to start from scratch, however, this CRi company does not seem to exist (think it might have been bought over?) and there are no websites that I can find with the files.
Long shot, but does anyone have any of the files that I'm talking about to operate the VariSpec filters? I don't think I'm fully capable of writing out a full script from scratch.

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Hi Nicola, I'm looking to purchase a VariSpec LCTF for myself. From where did you buy yours? Any interest in selling it?

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