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How to select element from vector

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Marat Zhe
Marat Zhe on 14 Jun 2018
Commented: Marat Zhe on 14 Jun 2018
__Hi guys. I've got a vector (for exhample) A=[5,4,7,9,11,2,16] (generally vector may be bigger).
1. I want to take random element a1 from it (now vector A have size 1*7).
2. Then i want to take one more random element a2 from A with out of a1 !!
__So i want to take all elements from vector A.
__Can you give me a clue, how to do it in a simplest way.
__Thanks in advance!!

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 14 Jun 2018
A=[5,4,7,9,11,2,16] ;
idx = randperm(length(A)) ;
iwant = A(idx)
Marat Zhe
Marat Zhe on 14 Jun 2018
Thank you very much KSSV. I've finally got what you meant.

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