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Joe Liu

How to perform tall table assignment?

Asked by Joe Liu
on 15 Jun 2018
Latest activity Answered by Joe Liu
on 16 Jun 2018
I am trying to build a large table. I'm expecting the table to be 431,832×72. If I generate a normal table of this size, assignment and access is very, very slow. I'm assuming that I'm running out of memory.
I have tried to instead use a tall table. When I initialize my data I use the following code:
trainingData = cell2table(cell(431832,72), 'VariableNames', tdColumns); % initialize out data
trainingData = tall(trainingData);
After I build the row to add, with a traditional table I would assign it by:
trainingData{rowIdx,:} = addRow;
However, if my table is tall, I get this error:
Indexed assignments of the form T(...,...) = B are not supported for tall table.
What's the proper way to build a large table?


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1 Answer

Answer by Joe Liu
on 16 Jun 2018

Well, turns out the problem isn't memory or any of that jazz. It's the tables.
I've got code that's been running over 24 hours that uses tables.
I switched to arrays and cells and it finished in under 5 minutes. Sheesh. My computer handled 400000x400 arrays and cells without any memory issues.
I guess tables are just stupid slow for large sets.


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