multiple periodograms

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I have some data in vector 'x'. I can compute a periodogram easily enough by
[Pxx,w] = pwelch(y);
Great, all is good, BUT if I want to transform 'x' to absolute values and compute the periodogram for this as well, like
[Pxx,w] = pwelch(y);
[Pxx,w] = pwelch(y2);
Well does not really work, I am just re-writing [Pxx,w] !
so I try like
[Pxx,w] = pwelch(y);
[2Pxx,2w] = pwelch(y2);
But then I have a syntax error as [2Pxx,2w] is not allowed, I must use 'Pxx' and 'w'.
How can I this?

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 8 Jun 2012
Just do
[Pxx2,w] = pwelch(y2);
Or any legal variable name. MATLAB variable names must start with a letter followed by up to 30 letters, digits, or underscores. It is also case sensitive.
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john birt
john birt on 8 Jun 2012
thank you

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