How to build an interactive database?

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Birtan Derin
Birtan Derin on 6 Jul 2018
Answered: Matt C on 25 Jul 2018
Hi I'm not asking for specific code or anything. I am just looking for guidance on how to build a user interface for my dataset with over 50 million rows. My end goal is to have a user interface in which the user can filter the data by certain criteria, or through data points. Maybe drop down options to select certain elements in array etc.
Again, I am not asking for code, although it would be appreciated. What are some resources I should look into? Where to start?
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OCDER on 6 Jul 2018
Are you trying to build a database GUI? Matlab might already have something for that, if you have the Database Toolbox license.

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Matt C
Matt C on 25 Jul 2018
One of your options could be to use the Database Explorer App directly in MATLAB as mentioned above. Using this application, you can import, export, and filter data using the user interface. It looks like this option is ideal for someone who is not very familiar with databases or someone who does not want to spend time building a highly custom and functional interface. Another option is to build your own interface. The home page for GUI design in MATLAB can be found here: To create a GUI in MATLAB, there are several different options. One of the most efficient methods is to use App Designer, which allows users to quickly and visually generate user interfaces by dragging and dropping components and specifying settings. I think the database functionality you're describing could be built into this application by modifying the generated code for the GUI to include the database code. Some helpful links for App Designer are included below:
Webinar Overview of App Designer:
Tutorial of Basic Web Designer App:
The other option is to programmatically develop the UI, but this process is more time-consuming and requires in-depth knowledge of GUI programming in MATLAB.
As for accessing and querying information in a database, the Database Toolbox should contain this functionality. There are functions in this toolbox which allow users to open a connection to a database, query a database, and insert data into a database. Some helpful resources for the Database Toolbox are included below:
Database Toolbox Home:
Connecting to a Relational Database:
Importing Data from a Relational Database:

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