omitting pointers when listing folder contents

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In order to list folder contents I use:
TopFolder = dir('E:\');
Say if I had one file within that specific folder MATLAB returns 3 structures where the name of the first two are just pointers i.e. '.' and '..'.
How is it possible to omit these? I currently just omit the first two by:
a = SubFolder(3:end)
then use
to obtain the name. Is there a more accurate way of doing this i.e. supported by the documentation?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 12 Jun 2012
It is not documented, that . and .. are the first two elements replied by DIR. Therefore checking the names is safer:
DirList = dir('E:\');
DirName = {};
DirList(strcmp(DirName, '.')) = [];
DirList(strcmp(DirName, '..')) = [];
To omit all files and folders starting with a dot:
DirList = dir('E:\');
DirName = {};
DirList(strncmp(DirName, '.', 1)) = [];
Now "DirList" is the cleaned list of files and folders.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jun 2012
But will still have any folders whose names did not happen to start with '.'

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jun 2012
TopFolder = dir('E:\');
TopFolder([TopFolder.isdir]) = [];


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