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How can I connect Powertrain Blockset with Simscape Power Systems?

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Sevgi Can Erensoy
Sevgi Can Erensoy on 11 Jul 2018
Commented: Ting Liang on 24 Nov 2020
Hello, I have used Powertrain Blockset Mapped Motor for my DC motor simulation and I have modelled the power supply with Simscape Power System. Since the load current of the mapped motor is giving simulink signals, I am having the problem of connecting the energy supply terminals to the load. Is the only solution to use "power_customize" and if so which Power System block can I use for this conversion? Thank you very much for the help. Regards,

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Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero on 20 Dec 2018
Hi Sergi,
To interface Simscape and Simulink blocks (either from Powertrain blockset or any other Simulink block), you have to use the specific sensors and sources as shown here, together with the PS-Simulink Converter and Simulink-PS Converter blocks.
If you are also using Simscape Specialized Power Systems, please take a look at this too.
Hope this helps.
Pablo Romero
Pablo Romero on 22 Nov 2020
Please bear in mind you may need to add some Simscape sensor block. You cannot connect a PS-Simulink converter directly to a Simscape network.

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Ting Liang
Ting Liang on 23 Nov 2020
Hi, Pablo,
Excuse me.
Can I make an inquiry about another two problems about simulink modelling? The problems are shown in the attached picture.
This is a subsystem to model the variable speed control unit for my system. But I was struggling with connection thing.
1) the position 1 and 3 are two kinds of connection ports(simspace(left), powertrain(right)), but if I use the connection ports in subsystem, it seems cannot be connected with other blocks in the parent system.
2) for the simspace and powertrain block connection, shown as in postion 2, I used the sensor and ps_s converter, but it cannot be connected to the powetrain block port.
I am a beginner now, and now seems I dropped into a dead cycle, if using connection port here and it can help connect, but again it cannot be connected at another place. Could you please give me some hints and help about this?
Thanks, and looking forward to your reply.
Best regards
Ting Liang
Ting Liang on 24 Nov 2020
Hi, Pablo,
Thanks for your help.
I have spent some time figuring out how to manage this, but it just needs to know a fundamental interface elements, gosh.
Best regards

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