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preparets error for using in narxnet

Asked by ZaidiN
on 12 Jul 2018
Latest activity Edited by ZaidiN
on 14 Jul 2018

Following error is encountered with preparets: [x,xi,ai,t]=preparets(net,inputs,{},targets); .... Error using preparets (line 105) Feedback and inputs have different numbers of timesteps.

My Code reads Inputs from a xlsx file and targets with another xlsx file.

filepath='Inputdata.xlsx'; X=xlsread(filepath); % reading the Input file with size 8461*53

filepath='Targetdata.xlsx'; Y=xlsread(filepath); % Reading the Target Input file size 1*53

inputs=num2cell(X,1); targets=num2cell(Y,1);

trainFcn='trainlm'; inputDelays=1:2; feedbackDelays=1:2; hiddenLayerSize=5;



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I have solved the problem using reshape and con2seq: That makes the input and target of same size!

u=X(200:500,:); y=T(200:500,:);

r1=length (u); c1=size(u,2); % Taking size of Input vector r2=length (y); c2=size(y,2); % Taking size of Target vector

u=reshape(u,c1,r1); %Making cell array of Input Matrix %u=num2cell(X,1); u=con2seq(u);

y=reshape(y,c2,r2); %Making cell array of Target matrix %y=num2cell(T,1); y=con2seq(y);

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1 Answer

Answer by Greg Heath
on 14 Jul 2018

Come on ...

Error using preparets (line 105) Feedback and inputs have different numbers of timesteps

So why don't you EXPLICITLY calculate the sizes ???????????????????

inputsize = size(inputs)

targetsize = size(targets)

Thank you for EXPLICITLY accepting my answer!


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Is it right to convert input of size (8461*53) to sequential vectors for narxnet training

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