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Multi-Variable Constrained Optimization of Undefined Objective Function

Asked by Ali Soleimani on 13 Jul 2018
Latest activity Answered by Jeff Miller on 14 Jul 2018
I want to minimize an output that it's objective function is not available. This optimization is constrained.
Which built in function is recommended? Also if there is a code that can handle this problem, I would appreciate sharing the code with me.
Best Regards, Ali.


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Hey Torsten,
What kind of details are needed?
E.g. what you mean by "minimize an output".
The output of the objective function is the weight of a system that should be minimized. The point is that this function is not available and the weight is calculated based on some inputs (like dimensions) in another app. So the algorithm should go on some iterations. In every iteration the inputs must be generated to calculate the weight.

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1 Answer

Answer by Jeff Miller on 14 Jul 2018

You must provide an objective function in order to use MATLAB's minimization routines. If the objective function can only be computed by another app, then your MATLAB objective function will have to call this other app and return its result. This is likely to be slow, but it seems like the only option unless you want to recode that app's objective function within MATLAB.


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