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Reading workspace variable from a .fig file

Asked by Vamsinag Gunti on 13 Jul 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Vamsinag Gunti on 16 Jul 2018
I am working with an existing simulink model. When this model is opened. The workspace is already loaded with many variables. But I don't seem to find any .mat file associated with this simulink model. I am now writing a UI script and I want to read these variables. Is it possible for me to directly read these variables without the .mat file?
Kindly let me know if more information is necessary. Thanks in advance.
Best Regards, Vamsi


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Answer by Christopher Wallace on 13 Jul 2018
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Hi Vamsi,
Firstly, yes, you can access workspace variables from within with a GUI. Check out the 'evalin' function. The default workspace is defined as 'base', here's an example of how to use it below:
uiVar = evalin('base', 'workspaceVar')
Secondly, if your curious as to where the variables are coming from when the model is loaded right-click on an empty portion of the Simulink model and then select 'Model Properties'. Under the 'Callbacks' tab I suspect you will find an asterisk symbol next to PreLoadFcn or PostLoadFcn signifying that there is code being run during those events. You should be able to look into that code to figure out where the variable creation is.
Let me know how it works!
Best regards,

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Hi Chris,
It worked. Thanks for the Support :)
Best Regards, Vamsi

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