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How to apply 'For Iterator" in simulink?

Asked by Men Loon Chan on 17 Jul 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Men Loon Chan on 18 Jul 2018
Recently I've been trying to simulate a model in simulink. I wanted to run the system using For Iterator, I try to express it using code.
int local_time;
for(local_time=9; local_time<=17; local_time=local_time+1)
a=local_time+b; //One equation using local_time as input
sin c=(cos a)*(cos b);//another 2 equation need a as input
cos d=(sin a)*(cos C);//the equation will calculate using different
//local_time from 9 to 17
Can it be done using Simulink 'For Iterator'? And do I need to put my equation block inside the 'For Iterator' block?


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1 Answer

Answer by TAB
on 17 Jul 2018

Use For Iterator Subsystem SubSystem:
  • Set Iteration limit to 9 (for iterating 1 to 9)
  • Add inport to iterator Subsystem as b
  • Add outports to iterator Subsystem as c & d (I assume c & d are outputs)
  • Implement your logic


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on 17 Jul 2018
Not needed. For iterator will do it. You can get the iternatioin count from "For Iterator Subsystem\For Iterator" block (output N). This will act as "local_time" for you.
Thanks Tabrez, if I found any problem, can I just find you here? >.< Thanks a lot
Sorry Tabrez, is it possible to show the output value one by one? For example, if local_time = 9 then c = 10 and d = 11, when local_time = 10, c = 12 and d =14 and so on. The output value will be from local_time = 9 to 17.

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