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How to solve two complex equations by one another?

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I'm trying to solve two complex equations by one another, to determine a scaling factor "m". Basically I want to define a relationship between the two equations, in terms of one single number. This is what I have so far, however it keeps returning Empty sym. Can anyone advise? Thank you!
sym x
m = (88140000/x^(39/50) + 42590)/(12700000000000000/x^(103/25) + 575700)

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Ajey Pandey
Ajey Pandey on 26 Jul 2018
I think you're calling m incorrectly. To set an equation, you need an == AND an =. The former defines the equation, the latter gives your equation a variable name.
Try this:
x = sym('x')
eqn = m == (88140000/x^(39/50) + 42590)/(12700000000000000/x^(103/25) + 575700)
result = solve(eqn,x)
I'm not sure if this will return the answer you want, but it'll return a symbolic expression.
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Julia de Lange
Julia de Lange on 27 Jul 2018
Thank you for your response! I'm looking for a numerical value for m, but don't think its possible.

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