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Out of Memory Error

Asked by Bhavesh Gandhi on 1 Aug 2018
Latest activity Answered by Vishal Chaudhary on 13 Aug 2018

I am constantly running into "OUT OF MEMORY ERROR" while running my Simscape model. Does anyone know how to bypass this / I have eliminated all the scopes and and I am sending the data to my workspace.


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1 Answer

Answer by Vishal Chaudhary on 13 Aug 2018

Try, doing following things to see if it works:

1. Turn off the Workspace I/O (to do that, in the Simulink model go to Simulation=>Parameters=> Data Import/Export and uncheck the time and output boxes).

2. Increase the step size of the simulation

3. Reduce the length of the simulation

4. Increase the virtual memory of your computer (system swap space).

If the error still exists, share the exact error or if possible share the model which generates the error.

Also, check if your system is really out of memory by running task manager.


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