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Select a cell from a uitable using two edit boxes

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telmo egues
telmo egues on 14 Aug 2018
Edited: Adam Danz on 10 May 2021
Hi, I'm working on a GUI and i would like to select a cell from an uitable using two edit boxes, one for the row and the second for the column instead of clicking directly on the cell, as the table is very big. I've tried several things with the CellSelectionCallback but haven't reached a solution.
Thanks in advance
telmo egues
telmo egues on 16 Aug 2018
I mean just select the cell as if you selected it manually.

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 14 Aug 2018
Edited: Adam Danz on 10 May 2021
Matlab R2021a and later
Starting in Matlab R2021a, you can programmatically scroll to any row, column, or cell of a uitable using the scroll function (see Four New App Features in MATLAB R2021a).
Syntax examples:
Prior to R20201a
Here's a method to programmatically select a cell which highlights the chosen cell as if it were just selected manually. This requires FEX: findjobj(); credit to this answer .
% Create a working UI table for the example
f = figure;
t = uitable(f,'Data',randi(100,10,3),'Position',[20 20 262 204]);
% Select row and col numbers
row = 2;
col = 3;
% Select cell programmatically
jUIScrollPane = findjobj(t);
jUITable = jUIScrollPane.getViewport.getView;
jUITable.changeSelection(row-1,col-1, false, false);
If you're trying to act on that cell by applying a function to the cell's content, you might not have to actually highlight it and you could avoid the 3rd party function.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Dec 2019
Note that this method does not work in app designer UI tables.
Also note that the findjobj() function uses the JavaFrame property and javacomponent function which will no longer be supported by Matlab in future releases.
More info:

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Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson on 25 Mar 2021
Hi, I just had this issue with a table in App Designer. Have buttons to shift rows, and want the "Selected Cells" range to move as well.
In the end, I chose to store the cell indices in an App property variable (here: 'selected_cell'), and use my own highlighting, as per (for a table called 'Par_Table')
function Par_TableCellSelection(app, event)
app.selected_cell = event.Indices; % App property variable
function update_highlighted_cells(app)
addStyle(app.Par_Table,app.highlighted_cell_style, ...
after defining
Then you can update the values in 'app.selected_cell' in other callbacks and call 'update_highlighted_cells' again.
Seems to update fast enough for me. Maybe someone already posted this work-around and I didn't find it.
Regards, MT
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 25 Mar 2021
Thanks for the update, Mark Thomson
addStyle & removeStyle were added in r20219b.

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Barbara Presley
Barbara Presley on 31 Jan 2019
I also need to highlight cells, and this solution didn't work for me. I installed the FEX: findobj(). jUIScrollPane = findjobj(t) did not produce anything. I exchaged t with f to see if findjobj worked at all. It did.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 31 Jan 2019
Is t the handle to your UI table? Share a snippet of your code.

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