What direction of rotation is used in vrrotvec function?

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Evgheny on 20 Jun 2012
Is it right-handed or left-handed rotation in vrml functions such as vrrotvec?
I thaught VRML uses left-handed, but for example:
% rotating vector pointing UP to vector pointing LEFT
vr = vrrotvec([0 1 0], [-1 0 0]);
% returns:
0 0 1.0000 1.5708
So, here we see that rotation is righthanded? So in Matlab VRML we use right-handed rotation?

Accepted Answer

Jan Danek
Jan Danek on 25 Jun 2012
Hi Evgheny,
VRML uses right-handed convention for rotations. See also here:
In accord with this, utility functions provided in Simulink 3D Animation use also right-handed convention.
All the best,

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