Error in function MakeTexture (Matlab and Psychtoolbox)

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Real Name
Real Name on 24 Aug 2018
Commented: Yuxian Zhang on 15 Sep 2021
Here is the error I am getting:
Error in function MakeTexture: Invalid Window (or Texture) Index provided: It doesn't correspond to an open window or texture.
Did you close it accidentally via Screen('Close') or Screen('CloseAll') ?
Error using Screen
textureIndex=Screen('MakeTexture', WindowIndex, imageMatrix [, optimizeForDrawAngle=0] [,
specialFlags=0] [, floatprecision=0] [, textureOrientation=0] [, textureShader=0]);
Error in SLM/updateSLMDisplay (line 104)
texture = Screen(slm.window, 'MakeTexture', grayVals);
The code has been working without any problems on Matlab 2014a on a different computer. I am trying to run the same code on a new computer (with matlab 2016a). After installing psychtoolbox, I got the code to run correctly, but due to some weird hardware issues, in my debugging process I thought I'd try to reinstall psychtoolbox by using SetupPsychtoolbox. After running this, I am getting the above error. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you
Yuxian Zhang
Yuxian Zhang on 15 Sep 2021
You need to use this command to open window first:
[win,winrect] = Screen('OpenWindow',1,[255 255 255])

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