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How to extract variable from met office .nc file by lat ang long

Asked by Ryan Dempsey on 27 Aug 2018
Latest activity Answered by Akshay Khadse on 30 Aug 2018
I'm trying to obtain figures from the Clim5 HadGEM2 model for x and y winds up to 2100, I have downloaded the data and I'm attempting to extract through matlab but I am getting the errors. Ive adapted a old script to try and work out a fuction but i get a invalid syntax error message. any advice?
function[va,year]= ncread('','va'); % year=((1:299)-0.5)/12+2005; ilon=1+round(mod(rlon+360,360)); if(ilon == 361); ilon=1; end jlat=1+round(rlat+90); % fid=ncread(''); temp=ncread(fid,360*181*299,'real*4=>real*4'); fclose(fid); temp=reshape(temp,360,181,299); va=squeeze(temp(ilon,jlat,:)); end

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Click the paper clip button and upload .nc file so that the code can be debugged.

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1 Answer

Answer by Akshay Khadse on 30 Aug 2018

The first line of your code must declare the function name, input and output arguments. However, here you've put char arrays instead of variable names. A correct function declaration would be something like
function [va,year] = ncread(fileName, optionVal)
instead of
function [va,year] = ncread('fileName', 'optionVal')
Please refer to documentation for "function" here .
In future, you might want to consider Code Analyzer messages showing up when you hover over orange or red markers in right hand side vertical bar of the MATLAB editor window to improve the code.


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