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Exporting figures from Live Script

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FTil on 1 Sep 2018
Edited: ahmed nebli on 1 Sep 2018
I would like to export all the figures contained within a Live Script at once for use in a talk or paper, ideally programmatically (e.g. a command in the last line of the Live Script), and ideally to pdf with one figure per file. I have tried Save->Export to latex from the Live Editor but the saved eps files are actually bitmaps and the resolution is way to low for use even in a talk.
If this is not possible, if there was a way to print programmatically specific figures (or the last generated) in a Live Script, I could just add the respective line after each figure and export as a I am generating them.

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ahmed nebli
ahmed nebli on 1 Sep 2018
Edited: ahmed nebli on 1 Sep 2018
i haven't tried it before but you may take a look on these links it may help:




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