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GUI - axis properties

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Ashraf on 22 Jun 2012
Hi everybody,
I programmed a gui matlab file and I have a problem with it... I have a function (I wrote) that give the user graph as output, it's name: "SVM_energy_lie_det(file_name,answers_time)", and I want to write the graph in axes in my GUI file. I call set function (I have the parameters file_name and answers_time) like this: "set(handles.axes1,'String',SVM_energy_lie_det(file_name,answers_time));" . I got this remark: "There is no 'String' property in the 'axes' class.", and I tried to find properity for axis without any success. (I found a lot of properties in axes class in matlab website, but I do'nt get the right one) I hope that someone worked with this function in the past and can help me...
Thanks, Ash.


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Christoph on 22 Jun 2012
what about the property 'title'? If this is still not okay the next way is placing the string as a text in the axes which would look like : text(Xpos, Ypos, string,'parent', yourfigure)

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Christoph on 22 Jun 2012
neverthe less axes and axis are two different things..axis is a member of axes...but if you want to label an axis use xlabel() e.g. ylabel()

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