I wonder how to plot complex function

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Jae Yoon Kim
Jae Yoon Kim on 24 Sep 2018
Edited: Jae Yoon Kim on 5 Oct 2018
I want to know how to find and sketch the image of complex functions.

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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Have a look at the following code:
f = @(z) 2/(z-1); %defining the function f
z = linspace(-10,10,1000); %1000 evenly spaced points between -10 and 10
z = z.*(z-2<1); % z-2<1
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Zenin Easa Panthakkalakath
Try something like this:
f = @(z) 2/(z-1); %defining the function f
z = linspace(1-i,3+i,10);
z = z.*(abs(z-2)<1) % z-2<1
f_val = arrayfun(f,z);

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