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How can I generate a uint8 type output from the Pulse Generator block in Simulink?

Asked by Piyush Kadkol on 25 Sep 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Piyush Kadkol on 1 Oct 2018
I am using the Pulse Generator to produce a required sawtooth wave which is then used as the control input for a multiport switch. For the model, it's necessary I use uint8 data type but at the moment, am getting a double type output from the pulse generator, and the Embedded Coder won't allow the usage of a data type conversion. Pls advise.. thanks.


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1 Answer

Answer by Christopher Wallace on 28 Sep 2018

Can you use a gain block with the output data type specified as 'uint8' or does that produce the same results as the convert block?

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Hi Christopher, thanks for taking time out and replying to the query. I figured out the way to get the desired data type of the Amplitude, where I just entered datatype(value) in the Amplitude option.. for eg. uint8(5) for an amplitude of 5. I’ll try out the method that you’ve suggested too, as an alternative. Thanks again!

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