How do I access student submissions in MATLAB Grader?​

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How do I access student submissions in MATLAB Grader?

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 5 Oct 2018
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 5 Oct 2018
New functionality has added the ability for instructors and students to more easily view solutions both in MATLAB Grader as well as when MATLAB Grader is integrated into a Learning Management System.
For LMS Integration, viewed solutions are anonymous and do not display a user id. Students, however, can elect to share a solution id with their instructor, allowing them to view their submission for a specific problem. While the following screenshots are from MATLAB Grader integrated into an LMS, the workflow is nearly identical in a course on
Students can
1. View all solutions submitted by them for a problem.
2. Copy solution ID for their solution and share it with their instructor (through email, discussion board, etc.)
Instructors can
1. View all best solutions for a problem.
2. Search for a solution using solutions ID.
3a. View all solutions by a learner for a problem.
3b. Selected Learner view

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James Smith
James Smith on 2 Aug 2019
Is it possible to export a spreadsheet of student assessments from Matlab Grader?
Stan Cronk
Stan Cronk on 30 Sep 2020
That's it! Thank you so much for the quick (and useful) response!

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 18 Sep 2020
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 20 Sep 2020
It is currently only possible to view student solutions to MATLAB Grader problems in courses that are run on the MATLAB Grader platform.
To view solutions from all students, you can create and download a Report from the Assignments page. To do this, open the assignment page containing the problem(s), click Actions > Report, choose which solutions to include, select the desired output format, and click "Report". Refer to the documentation on Creating Reports for more information.
To view a single student's solution for a specific problem, navigate to the corresponding problem page in MATLAB Grader and click "View Student Solutions". In the search box, enter the student's last name or a solution ID. The solution(s) will appear below. Refer to the documentation on Viewing Student Progress for more information.

Maria Ribera Vicent
Maria Ribera Vicent on 18 Nov 2021
Any chance that the anonymisation of student solutions within the LMS may be made optional? I would like to use Grader for summative assessment, but I need to be able to check the student solutions if there are any issues or to give partial credit. Asking them to submit the ID when you have large cohorts is not practical either.
Best wishes

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