Downloading Matlab from abroad (China) not working

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Hello everyone,
I am abroad in China for a few month. Now I was trying to upgrade my Matlab to 2018b using my German license. Somehow, this doesn't want to work:
  • I can download the installer, choose my license and run the installation using a VPN. But this is terrible slow and will give an error after some time. The VPN itself should be fine as other downloads work without problems.
  • Running the installer without VPN ends in "cannot connect to mathwork server".
  • I also tried downloading the installer from the chinese mathworks side. I thought maybe the server is hardcoded in the installer and thus I have to take the chinese version. Everything works fine until I reach the point where I have to click on the right installer (i.e., "Windows 64", "MacOS", "Linux" etc). When I click on "Windows 64" the website will not respond and I get a connection timeout error.
So, how can I install Matlab? Do I have to wait until I am back in Germany?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 4 Oct 2018
There are a couple of potential reasons why you experience this - and some are not in control of you as well as MathWorks. I will get in touch with you be email to discuss options.

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