Data Cursor for several bar plots

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Jette on 28 Jun 2012
I want to have a data cursor for a diagram like
bar([1 2 3 4],'FaceColor','none','EdgeColor','b')
hold on
bar([2 1 4 3],'FaceColor','none','EdgeColor','r')
bar([4 3 2 1],'FaceColor','none','EdgeColor','g')
However, the data cursor behaves not as I expect it and I am not able to hit every data point in the diagramm. I have the impression that it does not allow me to choose points of which only the upper horizontal line of the patch is visible (like the blue and red point of the second column). When I hit such a point the cursor appears at a "totally different" position.
Any idea how to overcome this problem?
(I use MATLAB R2010b on Windows XP)

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