how to write fitness function for PSO other optimization techniques? if we have 2 output parameter and 3 input parameter.

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Respected Sir I am using licence version of matlab 2013. I am regular scholar of Ph.D in sant longowal institute of engineering and technology. I have designed optical sensor in comsol software. I have data related to output performance parameter. I want to find to find the relationship between input( thickness of two different material , operating wavelength, core diameter ) and output variable(peak value and resonance wavelength) . I have to optimized the design based on input variable. So please help me. how to find relationship between 3 input variable and 2 output variable. Further optimized the design based on this cost function. I will share my data file in next mail. Thanks in advance.

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Michael Hawks
Michael Hawks on 17 Oct 2018
The best approach will depend a lot on your data. A good first step might be to look at pairs of parameters using cftool. This will open the curve-fitting tool. When you specify a dependent (x) variable and independent or result value (y), it will give you a variety of functional forms and optimize the fit to the data. This can be very quick and easy, but the pre-defined functions are not always good at describing the data. But I would begin exploring the relationships there.
Sorry the answer is so vague, but multivariate analysis is a big subject, so without more to go on this is about all I can say.




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