Reading Multiple excel spreadsheets in MATLAB GUI

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Hi, I am new to MATLAB GUI. I have an excel workbook with already calculated parameters in column wise.Actually I have 16 different spreadsheets in this excel workbook.Now I want to make GUI in such a way that it takes 1 sheet at a time and provide the result.
I have already done with the first sheet and already made GUI Code and figure for this but i am facing problem in using all sheets on the demand of user and perform certain functions.
How can i use all the sheets at the same time based on user that which sheet it requires to have access to specific parameters.
Can anybody help me in this regard? Thank you

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Caglar on 10 Oct 2018
Edited: Caglar on 10 Oct 2018
I am not familiar with guide but xlsread reads one sheet at a time. You can get the number and name of sheets by xlsinfo and then load the requested sheet by xlsread.
[status,sheets] = xlsfinfo(filename); %Get sheets
[num,txt,raw]= xlsread(filename,selected_sheet);
You can get selected_sheet from a gui listbox too I guess.

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