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How do I make MatLab display full matrices?

Asked by Richard Anderson on 12 Oct 2018
Latest activity Commented on by dpb
on 14 Oct 2018
For some reason MatLab cuts my matrices to 4x3 unless I click on it. Is there some kind of setting to to make it display full matrices?


In R2017b if "Output on Right" is checked and the window partition is at the default size with the default Live Editor window size, then there isn't sufficient room and the array isn't visible in the default screen area. If I move the division between the edit pane on the left and the display area oh the right to the left (shrink edit width), then the rest of the array is visible.
Or, if instead select "Output Inline" it all shows as the window is full width of the application then.
Have you tried those setting configurations?
"Output Inline" option doesn't fix the problem. Resizing the window makes no difference either.
I'd submit a SRQ as bug for that, then. If that was an intended change, it was surely ill-conceived it seems, I agree. Use the link at top of page. Including link to this thread wouldn't have to reproduce the whole thing for symptoms. Contact

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