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MATLAB 2018b crashes and cannot be loaded...........

Asked by Qumar Bhatti on 13 Oct 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Qumar Bhatti on 15 Oct 2018
I have been using Matlab since one year now. The problem is that after sometimes, It starts crashing. I click on the icon and run it as administrator and some screen flashes for a moment and disappears suddenly. From the task manager I come to know that it is running but on screen it is not showing any activity. First time I re-installed my Windows 10 but now I feel that there is something wrong with MATLAB and windows 10.....My research data is also lost. What is wrong with MATLAB and Windows 10......

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"My research data is also lost"
That is more likely to be due to the reinstallation of Windows 10. Depending on how you did the reinstallation, it is possible that it might have moved all of your user files to the side.

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Answer by Image Analyst
on 13 Oct 2018
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I don't have access to the calling facility in this university...... I need a solution ........ either dll file or something..... That I may replace it in the installation folder.........
I'm sure you probably have a mobile phone. Just uninstall and reinstall. The Mathworks gives free telephone support for ALL installation issues, from running the installer right through a successful launch of the final installed program. They offer this free help for ANYBODY who calls in, even students who normally don't get tech support (like the FAQ told you). There is no reason NOT to call them on your mobile phone.
If for some reason there are no phones around you where you live, then you can email, and I know you have internet access because you posted here.
Thank you very much for your kind comments.........

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