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Question about blob detection matlab algorithm

Asked by djim djim on 14 Oct 2018
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|Hello every body, am newbie in Matlab and am actually interested in blob detection mecanism:
check the link below :
it is said that:
*Blob analysis uses segmentation and blob properties to identify objects of interest*
can any body explain to me how this algorithm works (segmentation) and what blob properties are used?
any help will be highly appreciated |


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 14 Oct 2018
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Thanks you for your answer, But am looking to what Matlab is doing when i handle with the command BLOB Analysis
1. Segmentation. First you segment the image to get a binary image, for example you could threshold your image at some brightness level. Or you could go through a lot of different steps but eventually you get to a point where you have an image that can be thresholded and produce a binary image.
2. Connected components labeling. Then it does a connected components analysis on the binary image to determine which "true" pixels are connected and belong to the same blob. In this way, every connected blob has its own ID label that uniquely identifies it. See this Wikipedia link for more explanation.
3. Analysis/measurement. Then it goes through a variety of algorithms to identify area, perimeter, or whatever you asked for. The exact algorithm depends on what measurement is being made.
thank you, now it's clear to me.

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