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Dan on 4 Jul 2012
Hi, I'm new to programming and Matlab, so just a simple question:
If I make a pushbutton and an edit text, what is the code so that when I push the pushbutton a text appears in the edit text area?
For example if the edit text is set to "hello" I want it to change to "how are you?" when you press the button.
Thank you very much! Daniel

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Dr. Seis
Dr. Seis on 4 Jul 2012
Also wanted to add a good resource for those who want to learn how to program a variety of things in Matlab GUIs:

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Kevin Claytor
Kevin Claytor on 4 Jul 2012
Edited: Kevin Claytor on 4 Jul 2012
You'll need to know the tag of the pushbutton if you're using GUIDE, you can double click to open the properties and find it there. This is how your reference that object. Then use get and set to set the values;
set(button_tag,'String','New String For Button');
You'll find get(handle) and set(handle) are extremely useful for finding properties you can set and then setting them.

Dan on 4 Jul 2012
Niceee!! Many thanks!! Never expected such quick replies!

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